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A Blue Zone in These Blue Hills

The highlands of Virginia, in which we live, are known for their beauty and their bounty. This sylvan paradise is also one of the most bio-diverse parts of the world, yielding a great variety of edible, health-supporting riches.

Is it possible that this distinct place of plenty could also become home to the world’s longest living inhabitants? In other words, could these blue hills become a “blue zone”?

At Blue Hills Community Market, our hope is to try to make this happen.

Blue zones, as you may know, are regions on the planet where people generally live the longest. Currently, the world’s blue zones are located in such places as Okinawa Prefecture, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica; Icaria, Greece; and Loma Linda, California. They are places where diet and activity combine with a relatively stress-free existence to enhance longevity.

Creating such conditions is perhaps beyond the ability of one small food business. Nevertheless, Blue Hills Community Market is dedicated to lengthening and enhancing quality lives of health and happiness for people of our region. We seek to do this by providing whole and healthy food products in an environment designed for community and comfort.

In addition, our quality staff members, backed by training and experience, seek to help match food options with your health goals. These individuals recognize that the health of each of our customers is important, not only to us, but also to someone else in their lives. 

Thus, with each individual whose health we support, a family or a community is helped. And as this circle of influence grows, lives are improved and a culture of healthy living is created.

Does such an impact turn this part of Appalachia into a blue zone? Perhaps one day. In the meantime, the dedication to such a goal supplies us with a hope built on the gathering strength of individuals with a growing capacity to empower others.