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Buy Local – For Healthier Results

Buying local fruits and vegetables is about more than supporting local farmers and businesses; it’s about ensuring that you are buying the healthiest possible produce.

Research from the University of California, Davis confirms that once a fruit or vegetable is harvested from its original source of nutrients, the nutritional potency of that food begins to dwindle immediately and significantly. Hence, the time and distance produce must travel to market significantly impacts its nutritional value by the time it is consumed.

Blue Hills Community Market is committed to ensuring that consumers’ richest source of nutrition – fresh food – is provided close to their homes. For this reason, Blue Hills Market seeks to increase the quantity and quality of locally grown produce.

We invite you to visit our produce section while you look for healthy and unique options in other parts of your store.

Blue Hills Community Market is committed to supporting local farmers as part of its broader mission of enhancing opportunities for small food-related businesses. Continue to visit us as we add a greater variety of food products from small, family oriented business operators, including farmers, food canners, bulk producers and dry goods suppliers.

Other enhancements are underway at Blue Hills Community Market, all of which are designed to support your health, your values and your community. Stay tuned to announcements related to new products and community activities at our location in the Abingdon Commons at 238 West Main Street in Abingdon, Va.