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Expanding the Circle of Life

At Blue Hills Community Market we wish you the best health in 2024. And, if you’re making resolutions to live healthier, we are resolved to support you in any way that we can.

We have a long tradition of working with individuals on addressing their health goals through diet. And through those years of support, we have concluded that at the foundation of a healthier you are the love you have for yourself and the strength you draw from others.

Few health goals, we have concluded, are ever achieved through self-doubt or a lack of self-forgiveness. They are achieved through a combination of patience, information, proper food choices and an understanding that what you achieve for yourself has a positive impact on those around you.

We also realize that your resolve to live better does not depend on the calendar year; it comes together when you are ready to take consistent steps toward better health.

We are here to help you on this journey. Blue Hills Community Market has knowledgeable employees who can help you as you consider your food choices in support of health maintenance, everything from fresh and organic produce to herbs to supplements.

Throughout the next year, Blue Hills Community Market will be offering classes related to healthy diet. Stay tuned to our website or subscribe to our online newsletter for more information. In addition, visit our Blue Zone information desk if you would like to consult with a member of our staff about your food choices as part of a health maintenance plan.

We recently added the word “community” to our name. For us, that word is synonymous with “health.” We believe a strong community supports the health of its individuals, who in turn, through their good health, support the people around them. Our resolution is and always will be to strengthen and grow this circle of long happy living.

Sean Bossie, one of the knowledgeable employees ready to assist Blue Hills Community Market Customers

Sean Bossie, one of the knowledgeable staff of Blue Hills Community Market.